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Lwengo Rural Development Support Organization focuses on improving human well being. We actively contribute to activities, which promote healthy individual development more especially for children. This involves physical and mental health, social and spiritual, positive relationships, safety assurance, social justice and participation. Though there are struggles of the government to provide health services, there are a number of gaps, which are realised hindering proper service delivery.
The health services available have shortfalls in minimum standards and not accessible for the very remort areas. In addition these have:

    • Less manpower with less qualification, Inadequate monitoring and supervision
    • No enough medical stock
      • No enough equipment to facilitate the day-to-day treatment for cure and prevention of diseases
      • Expensive costs for the private players that can hardly be met by the rural poor who averagely earn 100 Euros a year.

      As a strategy to promote improved health we:

      • Conduct baseline surveys for facts about health services
      • Conduct dialogues with stake holders
      • Conduct health camps to the very inaccessible areas
      • Provide volunteers with the medical background to health centres as support and sharing of expenses
      • Conduct home visits and make referrals
      • Construct houses for the very vulnerable families
      • Care for the disabled  education, medication and social development
      • Care for the elderly well being
      • Promote primary health care
      • Provide basic needs to the very vulnerable
      • Provide support to health centres with materials for effective service delivery
      • Promote early childhood development