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Sincere and heartfelt gratitude and appreciation  from Lwengo Community and Lwengo Rural Development Support Organization goes to Be-More Volunteers, Peace Corps Volunteers, PACE, Mildmay, Local government, World Vision, sponsorship team from Belgium and Netherlands, all well wishers and other local CBOs in Lwengo District upon your effort  and tremendous support which has helped the organization to realize positive out comes out of its set and planned objectives on improvement of livelihood of our vulnerable people all the year around.

Happy to note that the very vulnerable can now access shelter, safe and clean water, education, medical care, HIV/AIDS services, psycho-social support and increased income.
It’s good to witness a streamlined community fully participating in development interventions to transform their own livelihood.


Lwengo Rural Development Support Organization is a community based organization operating in Lwengo District basically in Lwengo Sub County covering parishes of Nakyenyi, Lwengo, Musuubiro and Nkunyu. However, due to the increased rate of HIV/AIDS prevalence, under this sector with support from PACE/CSF it covers both Lwengo and Kyazanga sub counties operating in 14 parishes to reduce the spread of HIV to at least 40% by 2015 through community direct response project we are now implementing.

This year, the organization under went a transition that immerged a new project as a means of reaching out the very out crying communities of Nkunyu and Musuubiro. The organization in now operating two projects of Lwengo Rural Development Support Organization-Nakyenyi and Lwengo Rural Development Support Organization-Nkunyu.
The organization has a Vision of realizing sustainable transformational development of a wealthy and healthy society which it is struggling to see to date. It involved out of the need to extend services to the poor needy who cannot afford the cost of seeking assistance elsewhere  and to enlist participation of the community and families following its major 5 objectives of:

  • Increase access to safe and clean water of 1000-3000 families.
  • Ensure improved food security and increased family incomes of 1000-3000families.
  • Increase awareness, care and support to reduce the spread and adverse effects of HIV/AIDS for the infected persons and affected families.
  • Increase access of 1000-3000families to improve preventive health care services.
  • Improve literacy levels by enabling 1500-3000 orphans and vulnerable children access quality education.

We are happy to report the major achievements throughout the year as highlighted under specific objectives:


It's a great pleasure to realize all the above achievements impacting livellhood out of our contribution throuh formal or informal partnerships. We are looking a head to have many lives of people being transformed for a better world.

Yours sincerely,

Jjuuko Anthony
Executive Director